2 October 2011

Baby Bebe

I am 28 months old today. 

Lil' ol' me.

I'm also a big sister. And I'm not just talking about my growth spurt off late. (In case, you are interested, I am now 14.5kg and 88.5cm - for those living outside the island aka Singapore, that's another 1.5cm before I have to start paying fares to travel on the public transport - Abba and Mama are both horrified - in a good way!) But I have digressed - a gene I have inevitably inherited from Mama, no doubt - I am now a big sister to my lil' baby brother, Danial Karim Noor Huda. 

That's him in his first few minutes on this side of the real estate. ;-P

So, in view of my new role as Danial's big sister, I will be a bit slowwww with blogging.

17 March 2011

Mama Mia!

Apologies for the long absence!

You see, I've been busy entertaining my new sibling - that's right folks - you heard me right - Mama is pregnant and my baby sibling is joining me on this side of the real estate mid September! I can't wait to meet him/her! :-)

Whilst I try to contain the excitement of having a sibling in a few months, here's a picture of us celebrating Mama's 36th birthday at Infuzi:

25 February 2011

La la la langkawi

It's been a while since my last blog post.

See, I have been busy. Busy chilling with my parents.

It was Abba's birthday last. Then a week later, our trip to the beautiful island of Langkawi, which is actually just a swim away from my last trip to Phuket(!) How cool is that?!

We stayed at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa which is a wonderful resort even for tots my size!

Here's me playing at their playground:

More photos of our Langkawi trip here.

21 January 2011

Happy Birthday Abba!

Today is the second time I will share Abba’s birthday! All I know from last year is that Mama arranged a surprise party for Abba with his friends and his Belal uncle’s family…but I slept through most of it!

I know this year will be very different for Abba. It will be the first one after 44 years where he will not receive a call from Dadi to wish him Happy Birthday. Abba must be feeling very sad.

I have not mentioned my Dadi in my blog since we were in London because she passed away on 28 September 2010, two days after we last saw her in the hospital in London. I am going to miss her a lot. There will be no more photos I can take with her anymore or play with her as I grow up.

This is what Abba was like at my age…

It must be very strange to have a birthday without my Abba and Mama being there with me…I hope that they will be sharing all my birthdays with me for a long time.

In the meantime, I will give Abba a big birthday hug and a kiss …and have lots of his Mango Birthday cake at the Riverside Point branch of  Jumbo Seafood Restaurant tomorrow!

14 December 2010


I want to make sure that my firsts are stored on this repository:

I went on my first trip to Thailand. To the beautiful resilient island in the Andaman Sea - Phuket.

I went on my first speedboat ride.

I went on my first open water "swim".

All in Phuket, Thailand.

And a week later, I received a postcard from Mama and Abba to remind me years from now what a fabulous time I had on the island.

(Pictures via here)

13 December 2010

School Party

We had a bash of a time at Clara's and Chloe's Double-Zero-1 birthday party at this quaint hidden Italian gem.

Balloons, as usual, are my favourite at any party.

How do I know Clara and Chloe you may ask?

Well, they are Mama's friend's children. Auntie Jeni and Mama have known each other since secondary school - some 20 years now(!!)

Here is a picture of a few of the ex-classmates who attended the party. 

Psst. I heard Mama was a riot in school who made her teacher cry(!)

Tsk tsk tsk.

10 December 2010

International Baby

My first trip to Thailand.

My first seat on an international flight. Ok . . . it was only on the budget airline, Tiger Airways. Still international though.

I even got to finger kiss the cute English dude sitting behind Mama (sorry babes, no pictures of the cool dude.

6 December 2010

Tariq Dada

My Tariq Dada was in town a week ago, san my Naghma Dadi.

I had a good time meeting up with him even though it was just for a couple of hours.

I am sure though that I will get to spend more time with him and Naghma Dadi when we go up to Delhi come October 2011.

19 November 2010

Shiny Happy Peep

A picnic out at the Singapore Botanic Gardens one rainy Saturday morning, with a hint of sunshine a couple of hours later:

17 November 2010

MRT trek

For as long as I have known (all 17.5 months of me), Abba and Mama have always brought me around the city on weekends.

The last few weeks, Abba and Mama have more than ever, instilled the need to be self-reliant and independent.

So off on the (more often than not) ever reliant MRT: